Co founder & Trustee

CIPD Qualified HR Consultant

First Aid Trained

Mental Health First Aid Awareness trained

Small business owner

Laura Walker

"Hi, I'm Laura and I'm self employed and have been for the last five years. I'm a mum of two who lives in Earlswood; my little boy is starting school in September and my little girl is 9.5 months old. I've been married to Andy for almost seven years and we have two cats Dusty and Lulu.


My background is in Human Resources, I have over fifteen years of management experience across the international development, education, charity, music and retail banking industry. I had and still have a passion for employee welfare, training and development and in particular making the workplace a fair and equitable place to work for everyone. I believe that there are so many ways as a community we can support parents in the workplace and making that transition smoother for everyone.


I left my last role in 2014 when I was around four months pregnant and have remained self employed ever since. My business is called Fresh Vibes and I work with women and families promoting health and wellness through the use of essential oils. I run workshops, tasters and green cleaning classes. I'm also a trained manicure pedicurist and work locally.


Since 2016 I have volunteered with the local National Childbirth Trust (NCT) as Branch Coordinator and more recently with the Resuable Nappy Library.

I met Kate, my co-founder, around 4 years ago and we've been friends ever since. She is one of the kindest, caring, hardworking and most humble individuals I've ever worked with and I am so excited to be on this great adventure of Infinity with her. She is so great at what she does and her work with Imagineville and what she wants to run at Infinity is so exciting! Watch this space!


My favourite thing about being a part of Infinity...... is being able to facilitate and bring some amazing community services to Earlswood and the surrounding areas. I was a huge believer in Stepping Stones and the children centres and I hope that we can emulate their successes and warmth in our venture.


Thank you to everyone who has shared our journey so far and supported us along the way. We really appreciate it.