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This summer we are running a campaign which we have entitled #Infinityoutandabout and it's all about 'getting out and about' this summer.  With the last 18 months having been a really challenging time for many of our community, we understand that with the easing of restrictions it can be overwhelming, daunting and perhaps just a little uncertain and we wanted to raise awareness of the benefits of getting out and about, even if it's in your local neighbourhood. 

So, with that in mind, we have been running 'out and about' events for new parents during June 2021 and this will continue through the summer, right up until 31st October 2021.

We will be sharing some stories, sharing top tips, ideas for days out and local ideas. 


You might wonder why we are doing this? Well we are raising awareness and taking part in lots of activities to raise much needed funds for families that need support. We have decided to raise money to support our new parent support groups that we run all year around, as well as raising funds to donate to SASH Charity & Olive's appeal to make the lives of parents a little easier at the most challenging times in some of their lives. Plus we want to be able to say 'thank you' to some of the amazing maternity teams that have supported these families during those times. We have been working with SASH Maternity Voices Partnership to understand where these funds will matter most and we are delighted to be working with SASH Charity to do this.

So how can you help us? Well we are asking people to make a 'pledge' to get out and about, perhaps set up your own fundraising effort, raise some funds with your own family and friends or perhaps make a one off donation to the campaign. We will officially open the campaign on Sunday 11th July and closing it on 31st October 2021. Every penny raised really will help.

Here are some of the ways that you can help us: 

1    Pledge a donation and get involved! 

2   Share our campaign on social media far and wide by tagging us in #infinityoutandabout2021 if you go to a new place, head out for a walk or find a great place to go this summer 

3   Get in touch if you would like to undertake a specific challenge and join our Challenge team 2021. Perhaps you have decided to Run Reigate or take part in a fun run, a long walk or even a swim. Let us know! 

Our Challenge team

Amy Hedges - Run Reigate 

Amy is one of our committee, part of the RH1 Nappy Library and she has kindly offered to Run Reigate for us this year. Amy has two children, both of whom were born at East Surrey hospital and she has a great passion for midwivery and the amazing job that the teams do.  She starts her Doula training this winter and we couldn't be more thrilled that she has decided to run for us and raise funds. 


Kate - Hair raising event! 

Kate our Co-founder has been growing her hair for almost 3 years (last trim in Autumn 2019).  She is having her hair cut to raise funds for the Little Princess Trust and you can find out more about them by visiting 

All funds raised will go to our wider appear.  Her big chop will take place around 7:45pm on Wednesday 6th October 2021 as part of our launch event. 


Laura Walker - Swimming the Channel 

During Covid Laura our Co-founder, decided that she wanted to get back into swimming and she is joining forces with Diabetes UK to swim the channel over 12 weeks in her local pools in West Sussex. She will be swimming 22 miles, which is 1416 lengths! She has all the kit and has started this week! Laura, a mum of two, had both of her babies at East Surrey as well and knows just how important the services for women are and how raising awareness of postnatal care needs to be. 


Nikki is our Treasurer Trustee and herself, her husband and one of her children are all running Reigate to raise funds this summer. Robin Linham is a keen runner and will be running the half marathon, whilst Nikki will be running the 5K and her son will be doing the kids event. We know how challenging their schedules can be, so we are really grateful for their help! 



We have a spot for our team! 

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