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Preschools - To Stay or to Move on?

This was the question that faced me just before my daughter, Lily, turned 2. She was happy in Nursery, but my employment and financial situation had changed so I was on the lookout for alternative options. Lily still needed and was desperate for the mental stimulation that a more formal setting provided and so I entered the world of Preschools*/Playgroups.

I was lucky in that, living in Horley, I had a good choice of Preschools to choose from and Lily ended up going Horley Community Preschool. They offered what Lily needed and she settled in right away and thrived.

For you and your children, do your research. Each setting has something different to offer and it’s all about finding the best fit. A setting that is great for 1 child

may not be the right choice for another.

I am seeing this difference first-hand as I currently work in a different Horley setting, Rainbow 🌈 Preschool. It is a lovely, friendly, and relaxed place for children to play, learn and have fun but may not have been a good choice for Lily. I say ‘may’ because she never went here, so I will never know....

*Preschools are term-time only settings, open 9-3pm (there are variations on opening times), offering morning/afternoon sessions or full days and generally more cost effective than Nurseries. Themes are often covered every 1/2 term (e.g.- Nursery Rhymes, Autumn, Olympic Games, People who help us etc.), there may be a strong focus to getting children ready for school and they may be attached to a school.

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