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RH1 Nappy Library is back!

Are you expecting a baby/babies in 2023-2024? Perhaps you've recently become a new parent? Have you ever considered reusable nappies and wipes but want to try before you buy?

Look no further than RH1 Nappy Library- Redhill Reigate and Horley We are your very own reusable nappy library, where we can loan you nappies or wipes on a monthly basis.

We have been established since 2020 but we had to close for a short period this year, due to volunteer shortages, but we are back and we are really keen to promote Reusable Nappy Usage in RH1 and beyond.

Our new wonderful Volunteer, Katie, will be operating our library for us from her RH1 basis (near to East Surrey Hospital). We really are grateful to Katie for supporting RH1 Nappy Library and we know that she's got lots of experience and tips of using reusable nappies and wipes herself with her family.

We have 2 types of kits to keep it simple: Newborn Birth- Potty

Each come with their own guide, all the nappies that you need and some wipes as well. We give you all the instructions and direction that you need to give it a go!

We are keen to get our lovely new kits out - so if you would like to rent on, all you need to do is visit the link below and complete the form. We will get back to you and organise the rest!

If you have any questions you can also email as well

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