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When I first met....Miriam

"I first met Miriam in 2016 through a mutual connection at the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). We were meeting for the very first time to discuss the writing of an article for the newsletter and to talk about an idea that I had to support women postnatally (the idea that later became CAKE and then Bloom).

The first thing that struck me about her was her passion, her warmth and her energy to support women and to enable them to have a wonderful birth experience. That day we both had small babies and toddlers with us, we chatted about everything from birth, to feeding, to fashion over a cuppa and I know then, that this was the start of a wonderful friendship, as well as so much more"

Fast forward 4 years and I am continually inspired by her and the business that she has grown and developed. Once Miriam Greaves Hypnobirthing, now Parent Tribe. An awesome community of women and parents that she has supported both in birth and beyond. Either through her @parenttribedotcom events, her positive birth movement sessions for Redhill and Reigate or her Instagram birth stories and reflections.

If you don't already follow her, I can highly recommend doing so. Her posts are raw, honest, inspiring and you won't be disappointed. Miriam has been a great supporter of Infinity since it was just an idea in a notebook and we are grateful for her ongoing support and we look forward to the future too.

Laura - Co-Founder


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