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A new business, branching out in Woodhatch

Today we wanted to share with you about the New Zero Leaf Shop in Woodhatch, Reigate.

They opened at the beginning of October and many people have posted about all the great things they have been purchasing.

They are open Tuesday to Saturday 9-5pm and Sunday 10-2pm. This is what they say on their page – “New Leaf Reigate provides a plastic free and more sustainable shopping experience to our local community. We offer a wide range of zero waste food, toiletries, everyday household goods and gifts from local and environmentally responsible suppliers.”

Kate, one of our co founders, visited at the end of half term and managed to also ‘bag’ herself some Halloween sweets for her son. This is what she had to say about her visit.

“The staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful with my first visit. I knew to take my own containers (where possible). They showed me how to use the scales, I collected everything I needed, and then re-weighed them. All very easy and shopping was extremely reasonable in cost. However, for me the other main reason for visiting was to support a new local business, reduce my waste packaging and my plastic consumption. I will definitely be going back again soon.”

We revisited the store again this December and were amazed about the progress they have been making and all of the wonderful products you can now get hold of right on your doorstep. Laura, our other co founder said "It's great to see what products are on offer. I got cereal for my family, dried fruits, washing up liquid, handwash and so much more. I also invested in some new glass bottles and some lovely gifts and products for the festive season. I was really impressed by the range, price and helpfulness. In particular it was great to see reusable sanitary products and other female products".

If you are looking for a great experience and somewhere to take your children and tell them all about zero waste and being eco-friendly, here is a great start.

Their contact email is and the website should be ready very soon.

Kate Co-founder

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