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Where it all began....our co-founders Kate & Laura

Infinity-Space to grow came from an idea that we (Kate and Laura Co-founders) had around 4 years when they first met.

Kate was running Imagineville, Laura had just become the local NCT Branch Coordinator and they were talking about ideas for how they could work together and support the local community. They always talked and dreamt about one day finding a location that could house preschool services, stay and play, a cafe and most importantly a community space to feel safe. Whenever we met, we spoke about it but the time just never felt quite right for us personally or professionally.....until now.

Back in the spring we started more seriously looking at what we wanted to offer, where we might want to be located and how we could make what we do into a charitable project. We put some proposals together, reached out to some local community agencies and individuals and before we knew it, Infinity Space to grow was born.

We have a long way to go but we wanted to thank a few people who have been instrumental in getting us here so far:

Nicola Dawes from Charity Stork for sharing all of her own experience of this adventure from 6-7 years ago when she started out with Stripey Stork. Nicola was so helpful in where we could find and look for support and it has opened many doors to us, thank you Nicola!

Mark Gale Headteacher at Earlswood Schools Federation who read our proposal and believed in us to support us finding our new home in Earlswood. Thank you so much!

Tracey Burrows at Reigate and Banstead Council for listening to us, sharing her thoughts and putting us in contact with people that could share and support our vision. Thank you Tracey!

Plus who could forget Charlotte, Nikki, Laura and Sally for being a part of our dream and agreeing to be on our committee. Your ideas and efforts have been greatly received already.

We appreciate all of the time away from your businesses and families so far. Thanks for being on this adventure with us and growing our very own new Infinity family!

Kate and Laura X

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